Why use Grafton, OH Property Management company?

Grafton OH Property Manager

If you use our Grafton Property Management Company Realty Trust Services provides a way for you to find the magnificent houses in the Grafton area. (Photo from courtesy of Google Maps)

Why use a Grafton, OH Property Management professional  property manager? Consider the following. You can feel secure as you use our Grafton professional services which work as a system to protect you while maximizing your return on your property investment.  Owner  clients have reduced risk with our leasing and tenant guarantees as well as our easy out agreement. Save money and get your house leased fast with our professional videos, pictures and descriptions being exposed on 100s of websites and way more. Realty Trust Services 7 point screening process gives owners the best possible chance of getting a great paying resident. Rely on  our experience to most efficiently prepare your house for rent and select an ideal rental rate. Property owners can rest easy, and get an uninterrupted night’s sleep, knowing our 24 x 7 take that midnight call and dispatch help as necessary. Be in the know and head off potential problems before with exhaustive property walk through video reports. We handle all bothersome collection and emotionally draining collections calls so focus on  the parts of your life you actually enjoy. No stress this year when you prepare your taxes because all of the reports will be neatly delivered with your 1099. You have the option to rent, lease option and / or sell your home, simultaneously, if you desire.


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Grafton, OH rental registration occupancy permits and other required paperwork

If owner not occupying property, owner must register with county. There is no cost to register. Misdemeanor for not registering. Full info can be found here: http://www.loraincounty.com/auditor/real-estate-taxes/rental-registration. A special assessment on the residential rental property that is the subject of the violation that is not less than fifty dollars or more than one hundred fifty dollars. http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/5323 Ohio Revised Code Rental Registration Law: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/5323. Lorain County Application link is http://rtsl.us/psqs Link to County Building Officials and sub cities; http://www.com.ohio.gov/documents/bbst_CommercialDepartmentList.pdf

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Grafton utility companies, contact information and policy

Water – Grafton Village Utilities

Phone: 440-926- 1093

Url: http://www.villageofgrafton.org/Page.aspx?id=152

Notes: It is up to the landlord and tenant respecting whom the utility’s name will be under. Grafton Utilities provides water, electric, sewage, and trash pick up. All utilities will be due by the 25th of each month and all of the utilities will be billed together.

Landlords are able to check the utility bills for their properties using a reference code. They must call the utility department to get this code. The Village also contracts to have curbside rubbish and recycling pick-up. Fee for these services are billed to the consumer on a monthly basis and are due by the 25th each month. Late Fees may be assessed. The Village of Grafton provides water, sewer, and electric services to residents and businesses. Utility bills can be paid either by mail or in person at Grafton Town Hall, 960 Main Street. Town Hall hours are 8:00 to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Utility bills can also be placed in an after hours drop box located at the front west corner of Town Hall.


Sewer – Grafton Village Utilities

Same as above.


Trash – Grafton Village Utilities

Same as above.


Gas – Columbia Gas

Phone: 800-362-7557,  800-344-4077

Fax: 866-234-2872

Url: https://www.columbiagasohio.com/

Notes: It is up to the landlord and tenant as to whose name the utilities should be under, utility can always be transferred. Only time there would be a need to provide proof of residency is if there is a previous outstanding balance with the company. You would need ID and a copy of the lease.  

What is asked when transferring utilities into company name; you are asked the address of the company, company name and identification number (if you are not transferring a company’s utilities, you will need the individual’s social security number). If the tenant is supposed to have transferred utilities but fails to, Columbia Gas will send out a letter stating that utilities will be turned off in ten days if the tenant still fails to contact them. We cannot fax in information on tenants’ behalf nor can we call on their behalf to have utilities put into their names. We can fax over a Property Management Agreement once the tenant or landlord has the utility in their name so that we may then access the account information. Bills come out every month and Columbia Gas tries to read meters every month, when they are unable to, they will estimate. You can make a request to have your meter read.


Electric – Grafton Village Utilities

Same as above.


Cable- Time Warner Cable

Phone: 877-772-2253

Fax: 330-633-7970

Url: http://www.timewarnercable.com/en/residential-home.html


Telephone – Time Warner Cable

Same as above.


About Grafton, OH

Grafton is a small village in Lorain County in Ohio. It is located along the East Branch of the Black River. As of 2012 the estimated population is 5,931. Many prisons are located in Grafton, as well as, The Lorain Correctional Institution. Due to a high rate of prisons, not too many people choose to reside there.

Grafton has a total land mass of 4.71 square miles and a water mass 0.03 square miles. Its area code is 440 and zip code is 44044. Grafton time zone is Eastern.

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