Thanks Linda for picking up my call quickly and resolving my questions.
Linda always answers the phone with a polite and bright attitude! Every time I have called she goes out of her way to get what I need!
So far so good ...
I worked with closing on the property with James Maradits and was very impressed with his services.
An excellent experience working with Realty Trust and its dedicated staff--especially Lydia--demonstrating how property management should be done.
From an email: Good afternoon John, I am so glad to hear you guys are now managing these properties - S Green and E Antisdale in particular, we are having a lot of issues with this owner thru their last property manager.
Fast Reliable and Easy To Contact
quick and responsive transfer of managment
Professional company with high standards. Highly recommend!
A great resource as a fellow property manager.
I've known Andy for several years now and am constantly impressed by his knowledge of the industry and his use of technology to improve his business.
Andy and his team at Realty Trust Services are top notch. I run a management company in another market.
I've known Andy for several years now and am constantly impressed by his knowledge of the industry and his use of technology to improve his business.
The folks at Realty Trust Services are very knowledgeable about property management and do a great job.
Their focused on providing great service to their clients, while looking to improve whereve possible.
Andy and the team at Realty Trust go above and beyond to make sure that their clients are taken care of.
I'm continually impressed with the level of expertise and commitment Andy Morris brings to everything touching property management.
As the GM of another respected property management company, I fully respect and trust the work Andy and his team do.
He manages my properties, is easy to work with and a great guy. They do excellent work.
They are committed to learning and growing as a company.
Andy is a well respected entrepreneur in the property management industry, and you can count on him and his company to take excellent care of your property.
We're very pleased to have come across RTS and value our relationship with them.
Andy and his team are top notch professionals. Definitely recommend.
Realty Trust Services provides reliable property management services by staying up-to-date with best property management practices.
Lydia and the staff have been amazing to deal with. Very prompt at responding to questions. Very professional!
Tania ClarkeThe staff at Realty Trust was exceptional. They went over and beyond to help me in every way possible. Thank you Quinton for all your help and...
Hi, I have been a tenant for two years with reality trust and they have a great team of people working there. They response right away if there is a problem....
Lydia goes above and beyond the call of duty in helping with our various tenant issues. She is an expert when it comes to maintenance and repair and getting...
Oh wow! Thank you Andy. You are phenomenal!! I just spoke to Lydia as well and she gave me the rundown. Your staff is the best I have seen in the industry -...
The maintenance man David does a wonderful job, he's friendly, efficient, and knows what he's doing. I'm absolutely confident with him working on our...
My experience with Realty Trust is.... life! It happens to all of us. They are usually prompt when repairs are needed. The homes that are available for...
The team at Realty Trust is fantastic! If there was ever any concern, all I did was call. The issue was addressed that day. There were even follow up phone...
Great company and staff!
James You Are The Best
Thank you, Andy for taking care of my maintenance issue
Andy is a top rate professional. He knows his stuff. Very reliable!
RTS has never let us down in our interactions with them. They are timely and respond whenever we need them. We trust them to do the right thing time after...
Realty Trust is, by far, the best property management company I've ever experienced. My manager, Elliott Taylor, makes it a priority to provide excellent...
Realty Trust Services is a Great company to work with as they manage my properties while I live out of state. It truly gives me a sense of comfort having a...
RTS has never let us down in our interactions with them. They are timely and respond whenever we need them. We trust them to do the right thing time after...
Andy and his team @ Realty Trust Services are top notch. After speaking with him for just a few minutes I could tell this guy knows his stuff. Very tech...
Andy and his folks over at Realty Trust have earned my trust. After talking with him for just a few minutes I knew he was on top of his game about managing...
Andy, Dan, and the staff at Realty Trust Services stay on top of things and make sure things run smoothly for landlords. They are always quick to respond to...
The RTS team is quick to respond to any concerns and questions that we home owners may have. They notify us of any issues and we appreciate that!
When we had a issue with our plumbing in our rental Realty Trust sent a plumber out to fix the problem. It was fixed by Craig, he did a good job, and we even...
Andy and his team at Realty Trust are certainly on top of their game. the technology they use in their operation is bleeding edge. Really impressive...
I just rented a home from Realty Trust, which I love. There were a few minor issues that needed to be handled right away and they sent out Glenn Chambers...
Tim did a great job fixing our kitchen plumbing issues. He was friendly and professional, and very efficient. Thanks!
I love the property in renting and Elliott is always available foe any questions or concerns I may have. Keep up the good work . Oh Glen is awesome!!!
Elliott Taylor has offered outstanding service in managing my investment property in New Bedford, Cleveland, OH. He has worked diligently with the tenant to...
Realty Trust Services is a great property management company. They are very quick to handle any issues, and they have a great maintenance team. Glenn...
I have been a customer of Realty Trust Service for over a year and have been very satisfied with them. They have been very responsive to my inquiries...
Andy is top notch. This is a 'details' business, and he doesn't stop short in his effort to provide great service. He and his team do it right and aren't...
Elliott and Andy are the best managers there. I have been working with them for more than a year now. They are very responsible and easy to reach. They...
I highly recommend Andy Morris with Realty Trust Services if you need someone to manage your property. No surprise he has 5 stars because he is professional...
I have been working with Realty Trust for about two years now. When I began looking for a property manager, I contacted numerous companies and thoroughly...
As owner and broker of Realty Trust Services, I am proud of what we do, what we stand for and where we are going. We have launched a major new initiative...
I had a property I was not able to sell for 2 years...They were able to secure a tenant with in a week of having it listed...It's been great...the second...
If you are not using them you are losing money and definitely getting not as good service as you will with this company...NICE JOB GUYS!! Keep up the good...
Top notch on the technology and are very good locating and pre screening the right kinds of tenants and how to attract them...Well worth every dollar I've...
We have a 3 bedroom farm house in Sheffield Village. We were amazed at the leads we had...He got more money for the home than we anticipated.
You answered all my questions above and beyond what I expected. I'm glad I was introduced to you and I will recommend you to others.
He was even pleasant, patient, and good-natured when I had to tote my kids along: smile: I feel very confident in his and the company's expertise in...
I chose Realty Trust to help us manage the complex rental process and daily upkeep. You've done a great job, an I'm happy to say this has been a stress free...
Just a quick thank for the recap of 2012 income and expenses. It made the tax return much easier.
I've found Andy and associates easy to work with and flexible in making property management work. His company was able to quickly find someone to resolve a...
I have known and worked with Andy many times over the last decade. His attention to detail and follow through are second to none. One of his many positive...
David - November 29th, 2011: I was in a real bind with a rental property I owned in Cleveland. Like many, I bought at the height of the market, and as a...
As a real estate attorney, I have had the opportunity to work with Andy in a professional capacity. Andy is a hard working and detail orientated individual....
Thank you, Andy! Andy was truly amazing. I had fallen on tough times and needed to sell my house rather quickly before it went into foreclosure. I have never...
My house sold quickly. I had fallen on tough times and needed to sell my house rather quickly before it went into foreclosure. Andy was referred to me by a...
Andy is a fantastic agent and I had a wonderful experience with him. He helped me find a great home several years ago that I am still living in. He was very...
We were in desperate straits. Out of desperation I googled some stuff and up popped Andy's website and information. I figured what the heck, anything is...
Like many people in northeast Ohio, job loss and a substantial decrease in income caused us to get behind on our mortgage. Approaching a sheriff's sale and...
I have been trying tosell my home for almost three years and was ready to walk away until I met Andy Morris. He walked me through the short sale process and...
Andy knows his business and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone who is having a problem selling their hom
When I was in a bind because of a sudden change in my life, I needed to sell my house fast. I called Andy, told him my situation, and asked for his help. You...
When I was in a bind because of a sudden change in my life, I needed to sell my house fast. I called Andy, told him my situation, and asked for his help.You...
I recently realized what so many American's are realizing these days... I could no longer afford my home. As sad as the situation was, I was thrilled to make...
Andy,Thank you for all the excellent advice you gave to me in doing my first short sale. I feel very confident now that I know I'm what doing where as before...
After a year of struggling with tenants & payments, Andy helped us avoid a foreclosure by selling our former home as a short sale. Without his help, we...
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