1. Approve via e-signature our short 2 page easy out management agreement.
  2. Fill the new owner onboarding form online and upload important documents.
  3. Your onboarding specialist will reach out to you through all of this for any pieces of information or documents still needed.
  4. We reach out and introduce ourselves to your tenant(s) if applicable.
  5. We will work on getting the tenant(s) into an updated lease if applicable / possible.
  6. We will do an inspection to estimate make ready if applicable and or work with you to start getting ready to be made ready.
  7. If vacant or soon to be vacant we will start marketing or even “pre-marketing” the home.
  8. We will contact utilities to make sure they are coming to our office.
  9. We will show and screen tenants and collect deposit to take off the market.
  10. We will work with new tenant to train them on being a good tenant.
  11. We will be reaching out to your tenant(s) and proactively working to make sure you are getting paid on time. If not we will be going through our collections process.
  12. You will get your monthly statement at the beginning of the new month.
  13. As we collect incoming payments you will receive deposits at the end of the month.
  14. We will reach out to you quarterly to make sure we are on the same page. 
  15. Twice a year we will walk through inspections to make sure your investment is still doing well.
  16. End of the year you will get the end of the year statement for your taxes and a 1099 where applicable.
  17. As property needs to be compliant with county and city registrations we will file those forms and handle them.
  18. Utilities will be transferred as necessary and where truly possible put into the tenants name.
  19. We will work proactively with the tenant to renew your lease and keep your tenant occupying your home and paying.