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Our Growing PROsperity suite of guarantees protects you! Why not try us out?

My tenant came to my house knocked on my door and called me whore...

That is just the headline of just one story of why one of our clients told us when we ask why they wanted us to manage for them rather than manage their own house.

Which do you want?

The consequences of BAD MANAGEMENT

– Tenants invade your personal time
– Larger vacancy expenses
– Do it all your self
– Emotional burden
– Wake you up at night
– Anxiety
– Decreasing investment value
– What you don’t know hurts you
– Endless laws and compliance requirements

We in turn give you

– Lowered costs over all
– Lowered vacancy costs
– Peace of mind
– Time is freed up
– Simplicity
– Stress free



with cash flow, asset appreciation, financing leverage, inflation hedge, principle pay down & tax deductions.



You can focus on living your life while our property management makes rental property investing SIMPLER and more STRESS FREE.



by making an impact on families who will live their lives and have an oppurtunity to flourish in the homes you provide.

We have DECADES of investment property EXPERIENCE so that your cash flowing rental property can be SIMPLE and STRESS FREE!

  1. NASA Inspired Processes to give you consistent great returns. See more
  2. Complete Guarantee Package to protect you and your tenant 
  3. Relentless focus on reducing your number one cost – vacancy
  4. Best rated local PM services mean faster renting and better service.
  5. Growing PROsperity – Our focus is to grow not just grow our landlords prosperity
    but that of everyone we work with. See more about what we do to that end. 

We are a proud member of these professional organizations

Our association with NARPM nations show our commitment to professional ethics and keeps us to stay on the cutting edge of property management.

We are a fully licensed brokerage and subscribe to the NAR code of ethics as well as access the top industry marketing tools via the MLS.

Membership in this local business organization allows us to support our clients better as well as give back.

Being proud members of the BBB is an example to our company commitment to our own deeply held value of transparency.

We value the premiere local investment club and use it to help serve our clients needs.

Cleveland highest review property management company with over 500, 5 star reviews

Oh wow! Thank you Andy. You are phenomenal!! I just spoke to Lydia as well and she gave me the rundown. Your staff is the best I have seen in the industry – the white glove service in property management.

Joel Wolff


I just rented a home from Realty Trust, which I love…. Glenn is AWESOME! He was very professional, fast and prompt. He went above and beyond by repairing something that wasn’t on the current work order. Not many folks offer that type of customer service these days and I appreciate it. 


Carolyn Slade


What sold me on Realty Trust was their marketing system for securing new tenants. What has kept me loyal as a client has been their attention to my properties, treating them as if they were their own, and their exceptional service.

Melanie Mihal


Checkout our simple $129 per month flat rate pricing plan


Your steps to simple, stress free and prosperous investment property ownership:


Investigate, read and or schedule a call


Sign up
easily online


We manage the complexity and stress and send you money

At Realty Trust Services we know you want to be a joyful and prosperous property investor.

Long term investments in rental properties can be satisfying and profitable.

The problem is that rental property investments can be risky, emotionally demanding and a giant time suck.

We believe investing in real estate should be simple and stress free.

We understand what it is like to own and manage rentals ourself which is why we have engineered a top rated system to make it simple and stress free to grow your prosperity in this way.

All you need to do is first investigate further to make sure it is a fit. Second sign up for your chosen plan online with a click on our pricing page and then we take over and make it simple and stress free for you.

So schedule a call, request a free rental valuation, request some of our free information or otherwise look around… so you can stop landlord overwhelm and instead be at ease… joyfulling living your life while your rental property grows your wealth and prosperity like only real estate investments can.

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