WHY choose Realty Trust Services LLC for property management? Our answer my surprise you.

Prospective property management clients will often ask us: “Why should I choose Realty Trust Services for property management?” And when they ask me, Andy Morris, the company owner, people will shocked to here me say: “I’m not sure why you should choose us… because I am not sure it is a fit…  That is for you to determine. Choose wisely because property management though we make it easy to leave, is a sacred contract. It’s a long term service that needs to be a true fit to your needs and expectations.” However here is 5 reasons, unique to Realty Trust Services that many people choose us:
  1. Relentless focus on reducing vacancy cost -We have made it our business to cut down your number one cost – Vacancy.  As a landlord you are looking to increase the return of your property and over time use the power of compound interest that higher return will make you orders of magnitude more money. We applied the 80 / 20 rule and decided to make vacancy our number one focus for improvement in everyway for our owners.  We worked on every part of leasing and all that goes into to lower total vacancy time, prevent vacancy, decrease liability during vacancy and decrease turn costs of vacancy. We were able to really focus on vacancy and decrease total cost of vacancy by 70% over a several year period. This means a much higher return for you.
  2. Guarantee Package – We help cover the common costs of owning rental property.  Whether its an eviction, pet damage, tenant damage, a lease break or any number of things – we are helping cover those costs for as little as $99 and frankly we have skin in the game. We don’t want to lose money any more than you do.
  3. NASA Inspired Processes (The owner Andy is a former NASA employee and went to school for electrical engineering)– We use, create, and integrate technology to deliver the highest level of service. We use technology to bring accountability to our and help us serve our tenant customers and landlord clients. We have better vision of what is happening at your property and can make better management decisions. As part of this engineering background, we have a unique “Growing Prosperity” suite of processes that we use to help us deliver consistent quality property management service. 
  4. Best rated – We have a 4.6 rating out of 5 and are a top rated property management company in Cleveland on Google My Business local business ratings.  We have a higher rating than companies 5 times our size with significantly more reviews.  Frankly many of the reviews are from tenants which is a leading indicator for positive service to owners.  Its also the hardest kind of review. Owners are normally pleased if they get paid every month. They are much easier to please than tenants. Tenants have long lists of demands as they are living in the property. We have to reconcile those with owners requirements. So pleasing tenants is both required to maintain our owners investments and minimize vacancy. Our rating is proof of our consistent good service to our residents and landlord clients.
  5. Growing PROsperity – We realized that people and relationships our are the most important thing. We can’t be all things to all people but we can choose to develop and coach the people that our organization comes in contact with from tenants, to buyers, to sellers, to investors, to management clients, to vendors and team members.  We offer our internal team member coaching platform to all of the people that touch us at GrowingPRO.club.
I hope that helps!