Are you losing an apartment building to foreclosure in Lorain County or Cuyahoga County Ohio?  We are actively looking for solve problems for owners of distressed income property and their lenders.  Whatever the stage of foreclosure or even if it is in receivership, we can work with the lender and borrower to maximize the income, make repairs, market the property for top dollar, do a loan modification and or do a short sale on the property if necessary.

One thing to keep in mind is that bad management can lower the value of an income property tremendously because income properties are valued based on the income they bring in.  Great management conversely can increase the value of the property tremendously.  Not only that it is much easier to sell a property to out of town owners when great management is in place, because the prospective owner can be reassured that the income brought in by the current manager will be maintained with the purchase.

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With more than 45 years of investment property management experience our expert team can relieve you of the burden of managing your rental property while saving you some serious money! Call us today at (440) 220-7300 to see how we can help you!

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