We desire to be completely transparent with everything we do. That includes making our pricing public. No need to speak to a sales person or give us your email in order to do some quick comparison shopping. Please remember that often times price a doesn't equate to value. We believe the quality of our service will not be matched by any of our competitors regardless of if we charge more or less.

Monthly management fee – $99 per month per unit.

Tenant placement / leasing commission – One months rent for placing a tenant. This includes all marketing, showings and screening.

Lease signing / tenant on boarding and / or tenant renewal – $159 fee to renew a lease or sign a lease for tenant coming on board. This is not charged if we just charged you a tenant placement / leasing fee.

Collections – All collections we do from emailing notices, to follow up calls, to text messages, to voice broadcasts, 3 day notice deliveries with out charge to the owner. Evictions in most courts cost under $550.00. We charge $150 to attend court. Attorney and courts costs are in most cases under $400 which are billed exactly to you.

Lease options – Alease option is like an ordinary real estate sale that is delayed. Because of that we charge a commission. Our total commission is 6% of agreed sales price. The option fee up to 6% of option price is paid and or charged as commission. If sale closes then any balance of commission left over goes towards commission.

City occupancy and permit paperwork – We charge $25.00 to handle the filling out of your city required occupancy paperwork one time.

Statutory agent fee – We charge $6.25 per month to be statutory agent for your company with the Ohio Secretary of State.

Utility processing – We charge $7.50 to handle and process each utility bill received. We charge $25.00 to turn utilities off, turn utilities on or transfer them between parties. We turn on utilities in owners name sent to us. If we are forced to turn it in the company name (which now means we are cosigned on a credit agreement for you) there is a 10% surcharge on top of the face value of the bill for extra cost involved in managing bills that may or may not be paid on owner account but are now our responsibility at a financial level..

GROWING PROSPERITY peace of mind guarantee – If you don't feel peace of mind about our services 100% you may give us notice to leave at any time and we will refund you last monthly management fee charged.

GROWING PROSPERITY tenant guarantee – GROWING PROSPERITY tenant guarantee - Tenant stays and pays for a year or we re-lease unit with no tenant placement fee.

GROWING PROSPERITY maintenance turn guarantee – GROWING PROSPERITY maintenance turn guarantee - Estimated and approved large company done make ready will be complete in 14 days from owner approval or 10% discount.

GROWING PROSPERITY pet guarantee – We warranty at no cost to owner up to $3,500 in damage caused by pets over and above any security deposit that might be deducted to pay for pet related damages. This includes trim that is chewed, scratch marks from pets, odor from pets and other pet related damage. This warranty is only good if our maintenance team does the repair work. It will be assumed that all non pet related deductions will first be made on the available security deposit amount. Then pet repair related deductions will be assessed to tenant deposit if available. Any additional cost of pet damage related repairs up to $3500.00 after security deposit deductions will be handled at no cost to owner. We may charge tenant fees to offset risk and may pursue the final balance directly against the tenant. This warranty does not include damage caused by tenant's pets that are not disclosed to or not authorized by management company. It also does not include damage caused by any animal we are required to accept as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA or other similar federal, state and local regulations.

GROWING PROSPERITY leasing guarantee – Deposit collected in 21 days of vacancy time or we waive one months management fee.

GROWING PROSPERITY communication guarantee – Call or email back by end of next business day or 50% refund on one management fee.

GROWING PROSPERITY electronic payments guarantee – If available funds not in owner bank account by last business day of month last 50% refund on one management fee.

GROWING PROSPERITY registration guarantee – Your building is registered properly with municipalities and on time or we refund company fee to register and pay penalties.

GROWING PROSPERITY compliance repairs guarantee – City required compliance repairs are done on time or we refund 5% of cost of repairs and eat city penalties and cost to work with city to fix issues.

GROWING PROSPERITY winter freeze guarantee – GROWING PROSPERITY winter freeze guarantee - If you have the GROWING PROSPERITY Smart House System installed we guarantee up to $5,000 of non insurance paid costs for damage due to broken pipes.


  • Trip charge – We charge a $60 trip charge to cover costs of travel and mileage regardless of location of property for field and handyman services.  Night and weekend trip charge is $150.
  • Hourly charge – Handy man charge is $60.00 per hour in 15 minute increments.  Specialized trades may vary depending on situation and trade.
  • Make readies – These are on a per bid basis from from our maintenance department and we back our maintenance with a warranty on parts and labor.  We are willing to facilitate getting multiple outside contractors for $50 per contractor bid and 10% surcharge per bid if accepted and used. You are free to use your own contractor outside of our services at no extra cost for make readies.  We cannot back or warranty any outside contractors work.
  • Large projects on occupied unit – Large work orders that need owner approval are normally sent as a bid for owner approval (except for cases of extreme emergency) by the maintenance division. We are willing to facilitate getting multiple outside contractors for $50 per contractor bid and 10% surcharge per bid if accepted and used. We do not back or warrantee any work not done by our company.
  • Smaller work orders – Work orders we deem essential to your investment profitability and we estimate total cost to likely be under $500 we normally go ahead and approve it with notice to you. These normally are small enough that it simply is not tenable to get multiple bids on these so we don’t offer that. Some owners choose to use their own contractors for small work orders. We do reserve the right to vet and or to refuse to work with owners contractors if they are not able to work with in our system or do not pass our vetting or do not follow up post work order completion. There is a $35 dispatch fee if we are dispatching and following up on an maintenance technicians not on our team.
  • Home warranty –  We charge a $55 per work order that we dispatch through a home warranty company.
  • Insurance claim management – Managing insurance claims is not part of our property management scope. If we have to manage a claim we charge 10% of the claim and minimum of $350. 
  • Bi-annual occupied unit inspection scheduled in zip code batches with filter change – We verify previous date of HVAC filter change, check for water leaks in ceilings, check for water leaks under sinks, check for any obvious tenant negligence / damage, check roof from ground and fill out an inspection report which we provide to you.  We charge $65 plus cost of multiple filters including any filters we change and any dated filters we drop off.  By default we do this twice per year.
  • Annual aerial inspection – This inspection gives us useful information on exterior issues, updates to the property and can be used in future marketing. It includes a video and email report of roof condition and gutter condition. Cost is $65 and it is done annually by default.
  • Move out inspection – As part of a move out we are required to do a detailed inspection, write up a report and assess deductions on tenants deposit in a short period of time. Cost of the move out inspection is $125.00.  It will be a credit on any make ready done by our internal team of $1,500 or more. 
  • Replaced smoke detectors – We replace missing or failing smoke detectors with 10 year rated detectors for your safety. Cost of these are $35.
  • Gutter cleaning – $100 to clean a home that has gutters at the 1st story level.  An extra $25 gutters are at the 2nd story level. An extra $20 if there is a separate garage from the house.  Gutter cleaning includes manually removing leaves and debris from gutter as well as downspout
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Vacancy – When a property is vacant AND owner is either selling home or otherwise planning on NOT leasing unit then the normal monthly management fee will be charged in order to continue to maintain and service requests for maintenance, lawn mowing and utilities. Also we will require owner maintain a $500 reserve with property while vacant.

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