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When signing up with a management company check your terms of service see if someone will be responsible for servicing you or if you will be lost in a sea of departments.

Departmenta or portxa what style you might ask? And why are we talking about this?

Well if you are a landlord looking for great service from a property management firm you should know this and be asking about this from the prospective firms you hire.

There are two major ways property management firms are structured to provide service as well as a multitude hybrids.

1) Portfolio – Properties are assigned to individual managers. The tenants and owners know who to talk with when they have a problem because there is one person responsible.

2) Departmental – There are multiple departments. A tenant or owner must call in and talk to a random person in the pertinent department when they want an answer.

After studying lean service organizations and talking with many of our colleagues across the country we have found that the benefits in terms of using the Portfolio structure far out way the benefits of the departmental structure have have chosen to make switch our structure. This is also based on feedback we have gotten from talking to our own clients about what they want and need. Ultimately having better trained employees that know more about your properties and have a relationship will always benefit our clients.

If you are interviewing property management companies be sure to ask how they are structured to serve you.

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