What does 24 hour emergency telephone service mean?

It means peace of mind for you because now you don’t have to worry about getting sleep interupted by a tenant emergency… or worse getting it frivolously interrupted by a non emergency that seems to be an emergency to a tenant.

We don’t give tenants our cell phones however when a tenant calls the emergency after hours number our call center operators forward the message to a property manager. The property manager will assess the urgency and call back the tenant and calm them down.

If there is imminent danger to property or person then we will send some one out to deal with the issue. If it is a frigid winter evening and the furnace went out then the appropriate response would be to bring some space heaters. If there is a water main burst and water is gushing into the house with no way of stopping it then we will get an emergency plumber to come out and stop the flow before the home is destroyed. If there is a fire we would of course make sure 911 has been called and then come and check out the damage and handle any arrangements needing made.

Many times tenants need a human touch and a calming voice to help tide them over until a service person can come out the next day.

There are some issues that take time to diagnose… Is water gushing into the basement suddenly at 10pm at night? If it has never happened before it will be hard to get a specialty technician out at a moments notice. However we will typically give advice to the tenant on how to mitigate damage until we can get someone out in the morning to check things out and let us know what is happening.

However whatever the case, 24 hour emergency telephone service is something that gives you peace of mind and it is a big reason why landlords choose us to manage their properties. Peace of mind is something you can’t put a price tag on.


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