No more middle of the night phone calls from tenants.

I assumed this was a given, but apparently there are property managers that do not offer 24-hour services. To answer the question simply, no. You will not have to get up in the middle of the night for an emergency.

Our property owners do not have to get emergency phone calls during the night. They do not have to get up to deal with anything. The only way you will get a phone call is if you request a phone call in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, we have a 24-hour answering service and direct dispatch. We will take care of all emergencies.

Our representatives have protocols to follow that address a wide range of emergency situations. This allows us to  also avoid middle of the night dispatch all together. For example, if a tenant calls during the night because there is a water leak. Our representatives will give them step-by-step instructions on how to turn off the water and will stay on the phone with them to ensure it happens. Then, in the morning, the leak can be addressed.

This saves a great deal of money since middle of the night phones calls to professionals are much more expensive than calls made during the day, and it is less stressful and more convenient for everyone. As usual, if the job can be done by someone on our maintenance staff, it is and the usual maintenance fees are applied.


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