How are pests handled?

Whether it is nesting mice, pesky bed bugs, or gnawing termites, pests are unfortunately a frequent headache to property owners with Pest Control Experts needing to be called in. On one hand, professional extermination can be pricey, and in certain situations, there can be health concerns depending on the chemicals used and the level of […]

Review of top 5 Cleveland Oh property managers

When choosing a property management company, it is really important to find the one that will be the best fit for you and your needs. There are many factors that can vary from one company to the next. For example, maintenance, fees, payment policies, management systems, etc. There is no right or wrong way to […]

5 books that have influenced me…besides the Bible

How many books do you read a year? Me personally, this past year I read around 45-50 books if you include all of the audio books. Our team actually reads one book a month together because we value learning so much. This in return helps our team to become more innovative and allows us to […]

Elyria Ohio Property Management

Why use an Elyria, OH Property Management professional? Consider the following. You can feel secure as you use our Elyria professional services which work as a system to protect you while maximizing your return on your income property. Owner clients have reduced risk with our leasing and tenant guarantees as well as our easy out […]

Maintenance that makes or breaks property management?

Maintenance can make or break the value of a property, depending on the house or building, and it’s one of the primary responsibilities of a landlord or property manager. If you’re dealing with a new house or property, questions of maintenance probably aren’t that big of a deal yet. It’s new and maintenance hasn’t yet […]

Curious about our maintenance process – see this flow chart walk through

  In our Maintenance Manual, we’ve created a flow chart that summarizes the process we use to create and manage maintenance work orders. The idea is to give owners an idea of how they can expect the experience to go from start-to- finish.   It’s a simplification— all flow charts are— but basically it starts […]