Check Up on Your Property Manager

Whenever you hire someone to do a job for you that is not your traditional “in-office” position, there may be concern over whether or not you are getting your money’s worth. No one wants to feel like they are being taken advantage of. We always welcome our landlords to check up on what we are […]

Tenants and landlords benefit with rental payment data

It has been said that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. Being able to see a potential tenant’s past rental payment record would provide the best insight into whether or not the individual will be a good tenant: pay in full and on time. Although in the past, there has been no […]

What does 24 hour emergency telephone service mean?

What does 24 hour emergency telephone service mean? It means peace of mind for you because now you don’t have to worry about getting sleep interupted by a tenant emergency… or worse getting it frivolously interrupted by a non emergency that seems to be an emergency to a tenant. We don’t give tenants our cell […]

How to challenge my property taxes

As of January 1st, the Board of Revisions is accepting complaint applications on assessed home values. This is an important tool for landlords throughout Lorain County (and Northeastern Ohio) since assessed home values determine the amount of property taxes you will be responsible for. Property taxes are figured by multiplying the tax rate by the assessed value of the […]

Didn’t want to diversify your investment portfolio into property rentals? Think again!

Risk allocation and diversification are terms bandied about quite a lot in the world of investments and retirement accounts. There are so many investments out there to choose from. Most successful professionals don’t see investing in local property rentals as viable, because of all the time, energy and potential drama involved. Also they don’t realize […]

Christmas presents for the homeowner?

Although the real estate market has picked up, it will take some time for prices to rebound to pre-crash pricing. Many sellers are facing the prospect of needing to sell but not being able to sell, because they owe more on their home than it can quickly be sold for, or they simply don’t want […]

We just saved our clients more than our fee

Just wanted to make a quick note about one more reason why you should use a property management company to manage your building.  We manage several buildings for a group of proffesional people that own this building. I was ecstatic to learn of what we were just able to do.  By negotiating a volume discount […]

FOR SALE: Premium 12 townhouse units

Please see the results here.  Feel free to email us for the financials. This has been listed for 5 days and has had 5 showings. Property is a short sale with potential offer approvals in as quick as a week.

Landlords secret weapon to lowering property taxes

We are going to be doing a short question and answer teleseminar/ webinar on the best way go to the board of revision and lower your property taxes in Lorain County or Cuyahoga County. If you are a landlord you are always looking for ways to cut your costs in this economy. If you could […]