Check Up on Your Property Manager

Whenever you hire someone to do a job for you that is not your traditional “in-office” position, there may be concern over whether or not you are getting your money’s worth. No one wants to feel like they are being taken advantage of. We always welcome our landlords to check up on what we are […]

To Allow Pets or Not to Allow Pets?

Whether or not a landlord allows pets is a frequently asked question coming from perspective tenants. Obviously, allowing pets, allows landlords to increase the number of potential tenants. Less obvious is that pet owners have been proven to stay at the homes that allow them because it is harder to find a nice property that […]

Landlords working smart

MSN Real Estate published an article titled, “How smart landlords handle rentals.” This article outlines specific details that often separate successful landlords from the not-so-success landlords. The factors outlined in this article are: Do your due diligence Check references Buy adequate insurance Just say no to form leases Heed environmental matters Consider hiring a property […]

Tenants and landlords benefit with rental payment data

It has been said that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. Being able to see a potential tenant’s past rental payment record would provide the best insight into whether or not the individual will be a good tenant: pay in full and on time. Although in the past, there has been no […]

The Truth about How We Handle Tenants

Did you know the Huffington Post, a well-respected online news source has an entire page dedicated to news about bad landlords? After reading a few of their articles, it is really no wonder landlords are often shed in a negative light. However, we landlords and property mangers understand that many of these stories are told […]

“When he passed away, I got stuck with everything.”

Landlord Interview: Harkins Properties Ms. Harkins placed her rental properties under our care slightly over a year ago. We decided to talk to her about her experience. This is what she shared with us… I never wanted to be a landlord. The rental properties were my husband’s thing. He loved being a landlord, and he […]

The investor mistake solution?

I recently came across an article titled “Investor Mistakes From A to Z” ( This article, written by Dale Osborn, lists the 66 biggest mistakes he feels investors make. First, I want to say, I found this to be a really great list. It covers many of the obvious, as well as the not so […]

The Importance of properly maintaining properties

Don’t find your self in political cross hairs. Don’t be a blight to the neighborhood. Maintain your home. We can help both by getting a renter to assist you in financing the maintenance and in actually coordinating the maintenance.[/caption]Landlords with properties in Lorain may be aware of the city’s efforts to “clean up” the city. […]

What does 24 hour emergency telephone service mean?

What does 24 hour emergency telephone service mean? It means peace of mind for you because now you don’t have to worry about getting sleep interupted by a tenant emergency… or worse getting it frivolously interrupted by a non emergency that seems to be an emergency to a tenant. We don’t give tenants our cell […]