How do you protect me from property damage?

We are often asked by property owners how we protect them from property damage. This is an important question because property damages can get very expensive very quickly. Costs come from repairing the damages, and from the time the property has to remain empty. There are two things we do for all our property owners to protect them […]

What are your maintenance fees?

Finding out what a property manager charges for maintenance is vital. You also need to know  requests are handled before entering into any kind of agreement. Property managers may differ wildly on how they handle maintenance issues and charges. The first question for us is “Is there an actual maintenance problem or just tenant complaining?” When […]

Is Your Current Manager Licensed? Don’t Get Hurt!

While looking for a property manager, you may see ads for people offering to do property management. Maybe they are handymen or contractors, and they post ads that they can help manage your properties. They boast their ability to handle the maintenance themselves. But are they licensed? The one most important question you need to […]

Do You Have Hoarders Living in Your Property?

Have you seen the show Hoarders? It depicts people with compulsive hoarding issues that cause them to collect things…lots of things. Hoarding leads to a home filled with trash and clutter. So much so that rooms get blocked off or it becomes unsafe to navigate the apartment. Hoarders can also lead to damage to the […]

The Importance of properly maintaining properties

Don’t find your self in political cross hairs. Don’t be a blight to the neighborhood. Maintain your home. We can help both by getting a renter to assist you in financing the maintenance and in actually coordinating the maintenance.[/caption]Landlords with properties in Lorain may be aware of the city’s efforts to “clean up” the city. […]

Turning around an apartment complex

We wanted to share with you a success story. Today we filled the last of a series of vacancies for the 333 Washington, an 18 unit apartment building in Elyria. When we took over management in October 2012, this building had a 50% occupancy and of those units several were under eviction. There were a […]

Helping Landlords Weather the Storm

As is the case with many storms, the recent super storm Sandy had homeowners and landlords alike concerned about their properties and the possible damage being caused by the storm. At Realty Trust Services, we are happy to provide our landlords with the peace of mind knowing their properties are being taken care of in […]

Bedbugs… what is the Lorain County landlord liability?

Bed bugs are becoming a huge problem for Lorain County Landlords these days.  The question is what is the liability to landlords?  Does a landlord need to pay to exterminate bed bugs, when it is the tenants fault for possibly bringing them in to the home in the first place? We aren’t attorneys and can’t […]